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PT. Prima Inti Elektrindo Raya

The history of PIER was started long time ago in a retail shop, back in 1990. In November 1st, 1999, PT. PIER was officially legalized. The Letter from Law and Human Rights Minister numbered : No. C-14.178. HT.01.01.TH.2000 was finally earned in July 14th, 2000 with the core business; mechanical and electrical system solution provider and tools distributor.

The sharpness of the vision, which was fully supported by the total commitment as a multi-national company, PIER could prove its existence as one of the trusted mechanical and electrical tool distributor, within a relatively short period.


Strahl was formed in 2004 as a division that produces all kinds of standardized electrical panel. Strahl was directed to grow and improve to be the market leader in enclosure and panel market in Indonesia.

Strahl has consistently moved to its vision by using the quality of its service as the basic advantage factor for the business. This consistent attitude would drive it to be the profitable business entity that could give the additional value at once to the shareholders.


Office Solution is a division that has been focused to fulfill the office equipment demands. Office Solution releases the Fenon as the trade mark brand. Fenon itself is a luxurious brand of office equipment with the characterized design, flexible and ergonomic. Fenon has been trusted and it’s a true finest solution to make your office looks more modern, attractive, beautiful and stylish.

Fenon has commitments which not only providing the high class and innovative office system products, but also created the colorful workplace environment by creating the superior ergonomic products with the aesthetic design that combined the superior design as orders.

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