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Hand in hand with PT. LMM, FENON has decided to take part in the gigantic exhibition that was held in April 19th – 22nd 2012 in JCC, Senayan, Jakarta. Both FENON and LMM displayed the most excellent and high qualities products to penetrate the market deeper and deeper.


Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate the anniversary of SIIG, several activities have been conducted. Some of those activities are the sport activities. The staff has already set several kinds of sport competitions. Recently, the staff has started the badminton competition soon after the fishing competition has started earlier.

Surely, this is a great way for the staff to be involved into the anniversary celebration. In this point, each staff would represent their division or department and compete to win the competition. Well, however, winning is not the most important thing. The spirit of togetherness under the SIIG name would be the most important thing that should be achieved. Happy birthday SIIG!

Annual Meeting

PT. SINAR INTI INDORAYA GROUP, as a corporation has already realized that consolidation is the most important thing to maintain solid synergy among its subsidiaries. On behalf of that, SIIG is having an annual meeting which would be held in April 9th, 2012.

In the same day, SIIG would also conduct a gala dinner. This event is especially dedicated to the whole members of SIIG Corp. In this event, PT. SIIG would give the special appreciation to the special members of the Corporation, the loyalists that have been dedicated themselves for over 16 years

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